Energizing Nutrition was born with a passion for healthy eating, lifestyle
habits and educating people on healthy snacking. The word snack has
always gotten a bad wrap but we are about to change that perception.
Our snack boxes are always full of a variety of delicious and nutritious
snacks that are natural, preservative free, high protein, low carb, plant
based and refined sugar free. Our health and nutrition practitioners always
go a step further to source the newest and latest health food and products
that will nourish you body and mind.

Along side of our boxes, Energizing Nutrition also offer a selection of
botique, hand selected health products that you can also add to your
order or our newest addition ‘build your own box’ this is a fun and exciting
way to choose what you like.

Just not snacks… we also have a range of body products ranging from
natural body products, drinks, magnesium bath salts, body scrubs,
supplements and meal solutions. If there is something you are after or
would like us to source, please let us know as we are always happy to

So what are you waiting for…get snacking with Energizing Nutrition.

Our boxes are also great for gift ideas:

Birthday present

workplace solutions


house warming

colleague of the month

gyms and health clubs

just because 🙂


New ‘Lifestyle’ box changes monthly

Always something new and exciting to try

Naturally healthy and tasty snacks

Grab and go, convenience on the run

Fuel your body and mind

Delivered to your door or desk.

Order online, its easy.