DECEMBER ‘healthy lifestyle’ snack box


Say hello to December with the new healthy lifestyle snack box featuring sweet (no refined sugars here) and savoury snack box.
this makes a great Christmas gift or you can take it to work or bring your snacks on the go. We’re proud of the snacks we select for our boxes and you should feel great about eating them!

This box contains:

1x KOJA, cinnamon & raisin oat bar- vegan.60g

1x NUDUS BITES, zucchini chips- cheeky cheesy vegan. 25g

1x SHELBY’S, almonds- mint dark chocolate. 40g

1x HEALTH LAB, almond amaze nut butter filled ball. 40g

1x BC, high protein bar- raspberry truffle. 40g

1x JIM’S JERKY, original beef- gluten free. 25g

1x HERO CUP, mint almond cups- vegan keto. 36g

1x KEZ’S KITCHEN, brownie bar- fudgy chocolate. 45g

1x EAST BALI CASHEWS, sweet & spicy cashew nuts. 35g

1x BLUE DINOSAUR, apple pie bar. 45g

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