Salted caramel popcorn is one of many East Bali Cashew Products that is manufactured with the intention to provide a healthier alternative to the mainstream products found on your local supermarket shelves. A better option than traditional popcorn, this product is ideal when sitting down in front of television to watch a movie. Possessing salted caramel coated popcorn mixed with sea-salted cashews you will gain the benefits that cashews have to offer whilst also enjoying a deliciously devilish salted caramel taste. This product comes packaged in a 90g bag.



Providing high quality healthy products for teh consumers is only one of he many missions that East Bali cashews have in mind when it came time to create this outstanding company. With a dedication to ensuring local farmers prosper in addition to providing local Balinese women with employment & training, this company is one that can use your support.


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