PROTEIN snack box

$24.95 $19.95

In this box you will get:

1x MACRO MIKE almond scrumptionator bar/ Cheezecake choc chip 45g

1xVPA protein mousse/ various flavours. 40g/1 serving

1x CLIF coconut chocolate chip bar 68g

1x NUTTY BRUCE dark cherry chocolate snack balls 42g

1x CLIF BUILDERS protein bar/ chocolate mint 68g

1x AMAZING OILS magnesium recovery sachet



Just smashed out a workout? Now your looking for a protein snack? Replenish protein with our protein snack box. This even comes with a magnesium sachet to sooth those sore muscles.
easily take your snacks on the go!

This box changes regularly, so check out new boxes coming soon 🤛


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